All My Apps and Subscriptions on Student Discounts

There are plenty of things to complain about college, such as rising college tuition, awful online lectures, mean lecturers etc. One thing that you definitely would NOT be complaining about is getting student discounts. Most companies offer a special student or educational pricing for their products to college students.

Here is my list of student discounted products:


All Apple Products

First on the list is not an app, but is what houses all the apps. Apple provides an educational price for all college students. In countries where they have the Back to School discounts, they even give you a free pair of AirPods on top of your discounted Apple product purchases. As long as you have a valid student ID and email address you should be eligible for the discount (I assume). In Malaysia (where I am from), you don’t even need to be a college student to buy with the student price.

Apple educational store in the US

Apple for the educational store in Malaysia

Apple Pro Apps Bundle — RM799

You can get Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, MainStage, Compressor, and Motion all for together for one price — RM799. That is cheaper than buying Logic Pro or Final Cut Pro alone. This is a great deal for students in my opinion. You will always be asked whether you want to add this onto your student discounted Apple product purchase, but you can actually purchase it separately without any other Apple product purchases as well.

Apple Pro Apps Bundle in the US store

Apple Pro Apps Bundle in the Malaysia store


Figma — Free for 2 years for students

Description: Design Tool

Figma is among the three most popular web design software for creating wireframes and prototypes. The other two are Sketch and Adobe XD. They do have student discounts, but they aren’t free. Figma is free, and is actually a great app. Might as well make use of that.

You can get your student discount here

Notion — Personal Pro Plan for free for students

Description: Flexible note taking, project or life management, wiki tool

Notion is free for all. The free plans has limitations on document sizes, but not something you would notice unless you are using it as a file archiver, like how you would use Google Drive. However, if you are a student. You are eligible for an upgrade to the Personal Pro Plan for free! However, they do require you to use your student email address for your account.

You can get your student discount here

LiquidText — In App Discount

Description: iPad app for highlights, markups, annotations on webpages, and documents

LiquidText is an app I use on my iPad. Honestly this is one of my favorite tools for reading through large amounts of webpages and documents whenever I do my research for essays. It has a generous discount that you can redeem in app.


Readwise — 50% off for students

Description: Saving highlights from Kindle, and Twitter and exporting to Notion

Readwise is very flexible with their student discount. Just send them an email providing any relevant information that verifies your student status and you’re good to go. You get 50% your subscription. They also allow you to get the discount regardless of which subscription plan you are on — lite or pro.

Check out Readwise for yourself

Apple Music — around 50% off for students

Description: Music streaming

Apple Music has a cheap price for students. However, if you want an even cheaper way to enjoy Apple Music, it is to gather a family of six and share the family plan with them. That would be cheaper, but less convenient for me, so I am sticking to getting a personal student plan for Apple Music. The discounted price varies by country. It’s around 54% cheaper than the individual plan in Malaysia.

Follow this link if you are from the US or Canada.

Follow this link if you are from Malaysia.

Just Google search “Apple Music Student” to find out more otherwise.

Setapp — 50% off for students (annual subscription)

Description: An app subscription to access multiple Mac apps

With Setapp I get access to CleanMyMac X, Ulysses, CleanShot X, Bartender, iStats Menu and a lot more. They have a 50% off for students but it only applies to the annual plan. So for me, my options are to either stick with $10 every month or $60 for a year ($5 per month). Of course I went with the latter.

Get your Setapp subscription here.

More info on educational pricing here.

Envato Elements — 30% off for students

Description: Unlimited access to digital assets for creative work

This is by far my most expensive subscription, but I find it worthwhile as I have unlimited access to their sound effects for videos, mockup templates for t-shirt designs, Wordpress and Ghost themes for web, unlimited icons and illustrations. You get 30% as a student but you have to subscribe for a year. It averages down to $11.50 per month (billed annually).

You can get your student discount here

Notable Mentions

I don’t personally own or subscribe to these, but I always keep an eye on them.

Adobe Creative Cloud — Over 60% discount for students

With the student discount, it still averages down to $20 per month for the first year, and then 30 per month for the following years. If you need it most likely you don’t have a choice (if you are a lawful netizen), unless your school provides Creative Cloud for you.

You can get your student discount here

Sketch — 50% off for students on the native Mac app

Sketch does not have a discount for its cloud options, but does have a 50% off discount for students for its native Mac app. It’s 50% off from its original $99 price.

You can get the educational discount here

Wix and Squarespace — 50% off for students

If you need a personal website for your portfolio, CV, or blog, or for whatever reason and don’t want to spend hours and hours researching how to build one yourself for the cheapest possible price and comparing hosting plans, Wix and Squarespace both have you covered with a generous 50% discount for students. You do have to subscribe for the annual plan, though. Wix allows you to build your website first and upgrade later when you want to, or just use the free plan forever with a domain name and Wix ads on site. Squarespace gives you a 14-day free trial and if you don’t upgrade you can’t publish your website anymore.

Wix student discount here

Squarespace student discount here


Not a fan of Apple Music? Spotify has a near identical pricing structure to Apple Music. You can also get a similar student discount with Spotify.

You can get the student pricing here

Where to find student discounts?

The Student App Centre is a great place to find student discounts for all kinds of software.



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